Unlock new insights with unrivalled piracy data

The bigger picture of digital piracy

Get the most accurate view of digital piracy available – empowering anti-piracy teams, policy makers and researchers worldwide.

Our interactive dashboard is now available as a limited release, giving you a unique view of visits to piracy websites globally.

Available industries

Monitor the impact of your anti-piracy strategy

We publish the data monthly so you can regularly assess your strategy and adjust your approach.
Keep track of the latest top piracy sites and traffic sources, and monitor trends over time to see the impact of your actions.

Collaborate and share insights with your teams

Our interactive dashboard gives you and your team instant access to the latest data, so you can generate insightful reports – with numbers you can trust.

  • Interactive charts and graphs
  • Custom filters to tailor your view
  • Export to CSV

Our clients

We work with media enterprises, trade bodies and data companies

Data collection & methodology

We maintain a huge catalogue of piracy, adding to it daily. All sites are classified by industry, and so when we map visit data we are able to compile an accurate view.

We run a thorough QA process before publishing data.

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