Online Piracy Options Growing Exponentially: Why Anti-piracy Automation Is Crucial

Despite Megaupload seizure, Filelockers and torrent sources increase 50% in 12 months

In April 2012 MUSO will top 6m scans of illegal content pages per day, from blogs, message boards and general websites to torrent indexes and streaming video. Torrent sites have continued their slow but steady growth, with over 30 major destinations and over 200 in total regularly used by file sharers.

However, both these numbers pale into significance when assessing the growth of cyberlockers in the past 12 months, with MUSO now tracking over 260 different destinations, and an average increase of 10 new sites per month emerging – many with heavy financial backing to support their extensive advertising campaigns and reward programs.

Since 2008, MUSO has pioneered an anti-piracy solution that combines massive, automated scale analysis combined with a human intelligence, and the results – ever more – speak for themselves. Benchmarked against other leading automated takedown services over an 12 month period, MUSO discovered on average over 34% more illegal files, and benchmarked against other services which use human conduced searches, MUSO came out a massive 66% ahead in volume of illegal files discovered.

Manual search services may claim that technology cannot beat specific site securities like captcha codes, private forums and usergroups and any other hidden link services but the reality is each hurdle is being navigated using technology replicating the way human conducted searching would find the links – but with one major difference – automation discovers and removes content faster, more efficiently, and works 24/7 to track down sources of piracy.

MUSO has been proud to pioneer a unique three-tier anti-piracy system for content discovery from the millions of existing and new sources.

1. Through use of intelligent matching technology – developed around a series of algorithms which study the content on page, inbound and outbound links, and related keywords

2. Our innovative C2D system, which constantly looks at the top illegal results on search engines and alerts and refines our performance in catching each and every illegal link.

3. Human input and intelligence which immediately spots any trends or patterns emerging, as well as allowing us to adopt innovative and different approaches to takedown piracy distribution platforms with the fastest possible methods.

All of this technology goes into making MUSO a leading provider globally of extremely effective and highly cost-efficient online anti-piracy solution, moving us further and further ahead of manual search services, while passing cost savings directly to rights holders. If you haven’t already – start a free trial with MUSO today to immediately see the benefits to your online sales.

Founded in 2008, MUSO provides a platform of cost-effective online anti-piracy solutions used every day by over 1,000 rights-holders globally, from major media corporations to niche cutting-edge independent content producers. We help protect many of the world’s leading brands and premium content from online piracy, and operate from offices in London, UK and Burbank, Los Angeles.

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