Self-Published Authors Take Control of Their Pirated eBooks with The Help of MUSO

Leading anti-piracy provider MUSO has reported a rise in self-published authors signing up to their services as writers become increasingly aware of their content being pirated online.

The London based company – who work with a range of major music, film, software and publishing companies, including Meulenhoff and INscribe Digital – provide a key service to the emerging class of self-published authors. Utilising the company’s pioneering online dashboard, writers can see exactly where their book is being pirated and issue takedowns at the click of a button. Empowering the smallest of rights-holders, who often overlook the threat of piracy, MUSO monitors and analyses the online content round the clock.

With the rise of the e-reader, self-publishing has seen a boom in recent years. Earlier this year Amazon reported that ‘15 of the top 100 bestselling Kindle books in the UK last year were self-published’. Certainly, this has been reflected in the clients MUSO are now encountering as numerous self-published authors turn to the service to protect their work.

One of the authors who found herself looking for a piracy solution was romantic novelist Shiloh Walker (author of Fragile and If You Hear Her). Walker turned to MUSO as the popularity of her eBooks were seeing increased levels of online piracy. Through using MUSO, Walker saw 826 illegal copies of her books removed from torrents and cyberlockers, with 398 also removed from Google. After experiencing the benefits of the MUSO service Shiloh was full of praise stating; “Authors, if you want to make dealing with piracy easier I cannot recommend MUSO enough.”

To find out more about MUSO’s suite of piracy solutions, please visit Products.

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