Online Anti-Piracy Company MUSO Conclude Deal with Demon Music Group (DMG)

Global anti-piracy company MUSO have taken another step forward in the battle against piracy, tying up a deal with the UK’s largest independent catalogue record company Demon Music Group.

The deal will see Demon using MUSO’s all-encompassing online dashboard. This will allow Demon the ability to monitor their online content and issue takedowns at the click of a button, arming Demon with the tools to protect their online catalogue. Partnering with industry leader MUSO was a natural choice for the company.

As the market leader in catalogue marketing, it was imperative for Demon to partner with a highly respected company such as MUSO. Within their vast catalogue, which spans all genres, formats and price points, Demon include works from artists such as Suede, T. Rex, Belinda Carlisle, Al Green, and Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Speaking of the deal, Digital Sales Manager Paul Tucker has highlighted the importance of this agreement.

“Upon meeting with Andy at Muso (Co-founder Andy Chatterley), and seeing impressive demos of the service in action, we quickly established that Muso would be the right choice of partner for Demon Music Group. Given the size of Demon’s catalogue and the demands we put upon ourselves as rights holders, to keep on top of piracy issues has always been a constant battle.

We’ve discovered that the cost effective and extremely easy-to-use Muso dashboard allows us the flexibility to scan and remove hundreds of illegal files, whilst being able to regularly monitor and track each individual tailor-made campaign that we run.

Our plan for the future will be to monitor the success of these illegal file takedowns vs. our sales performance in the market, for which we hope will provide useful case studies.” Paul Tucker, Digital Sales Manager at Demon.

Founded in 2008, MUSO has quickly risen to the forefront of the anti-piracy world – empowering rights owners in the music, motion pictures, publishing and software industries. Providing a total solution to organisation’s anti-piracy requirements, MUSO works 24/7 monitoring, analysing, detecting and responding to any potential risk involving digital piracy related activity. Based between London and L.A., it is the company’s mission to minimise piracy and have been the first-choice for numerous high profile clients and leading companies.

To find out more about MUSO’s suite of piracy solutions, please visit Products.

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