New release: multiple users & permissions for your team

In the last six months, you told us you wanted to give more people access to the tools and information available through the MUSO dashboard. We’re now excited to release multiple users, meaning you can work more effectively with your team and those that care about your content.

This means each user granted access will sign-in using their own email address and password, rather than sharing logins.

This feature is only available to managed customers, and to add more users you’ll need to contact support@muso.com.

What’s included
– Everyone in a team can sign-in with their email to collaborate
– Team members can be distributed across locations and companies
– You decide who gets access to which titles
– Enterprise customers only: Review and authorise your team’s submitted infringements

As part of this change, we’re also releasing a new login page, and your password may need to change. We’ll email you more details in the coming weeks and be on hand to resolve any issues that may arise.

Looking ahead, we’ll be communicating more planned improvements to our products. If you would like to be involved with surveys or prototype testing, please let us know!

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