MUSO to Unveil Industry-First Global Piracy Audience Trends at MipTV

Heralding the return of the MUSO Studio at MipTV 2016, MUSO have confirmed plans to unveil the world-first 2016 Global Piracy Audience Insights Study on the TV & Film market.

MUSO is the world’s leading content protection, data-analytics and piracy audience marketing solutions provider and will be at MipTV from the 4th and 7th of April in Cannes, located in the Palais Level -1.

Chief Commercial Officer, Christopher Elkins, will be presenting the 2015 Global Piracy Audience Insight Study at the MipTV pitching sessions in the Digital Square on Monday 4th April from 3:20pm. The study will reveal crucial data and behaviour trends, which will highlight the impact of online piracy on global consumer habits for TV & Film rights holders.

“This is the biggest, most detailed piracy study on the TV & Film piracy market ever conducted, and comes at a time when audience behaviour data is fast becoming a key asset to unlocking digital growth globally,” says Elkins. “Through our data, we’ve been able to piece together a new view of this huge audience and gain a deeper understanding of their behaviour. More specifically, we’re developing a closer understanding of ways to better engage and service this audience, both globally and locally”.

MUSO’s 2016 Global Piracy Audience Insights Study is designed to provide an understanding to how global audiences are engaging with the entirety of the piracy market, with a global and regional perspective. Christopher Elkins will provide a contemporary overview of the strategies the TV & Film market is currently utilising in order to re-engage piracy audiences via their own platforms.

MUSO’s insight study is the result of a 12-month market analysis into the global piracy market across billions of web pages. This study includes both P2P/Torrent and web traffic, together with mapping audience behaviour and engagement trends to MUSO’s big data results. This insight study will focus on the opportunity that exists to engage this large audience.

An excerpt of the study will be made available to MUSO clients and MipTV delegates following the show.

MipTV attendees can book a meeting now, or visit the MUSO Studio in the MipTV Digital Fronts at P-1, B1, Palais Level -1.

To find out more about MUSO’s suite of piracy solutions, please visit Products.

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