MUSO to reveal piracy trends data on MENA audiences at CABSAT

Leading content protection, data-analytics and piracy audience marketing solutions provider, MUSO, will be unveiling exclusive insights into the MENA piracy audiences for TV & Film at CABSAT Content Congress Program taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. 

During a 30 minute presentation at 4.30pm on Tuesday 8th March, Chief Commercial Officer Christopher Elkins will be revealing key data trends and audience behaviour insights to CABSAT attendees. These data trends will be highlighting how online piracy is reshaping consumer habits across MENA countries for TV & Film rights owners.

For the first time, this exclusive data will provide an insight on how MENA audiences are engaging with the piracy market. Moreover, Christopher Elkins will be discussing strategies the TV & Film industry are using to re-engage piracy audiences with their own platforms.

MUSO’s MENA Region 2015 Piracy Insights Study is the result of a 12-month market analysis across the global piracy market. This study includes both P2P/Torrent and web traffic together, whilst mapping audience engagement and behaviour trends to MUSO’s big data results.

“We’re delighted to be introducing completely new insight into online audience consumption, which can only help rights owners to better strategies towards future TV viewing trends the MENA region – and there’s no better place than at CABSAT 2016,” says Elkins.

“We see the MENA region for digital content evolving rapidly, and in a myriad of positive ways which is now enabling rights owners to build deeper relationships with audiences online, and reconnect to an ever wider demographic that were previously engaging with the piracy market”.

To find out more about MUSO’s suite of piracy solutions, please visit Products.

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