MUSO Releases 2017 Global Music Insight Report

  • 52% of all visits to music piracy sites in 2016 were through mobile devices
  • From January 2016 to December 2016, 13.8bn visits to websites were to stream pirated content, 59% of this piracy activity was via mobile devices.
  • Stream ripper sites have surpassed downloading to becoming the second most popular way to access illegal music.
  • Despite these changes in behavior, piracy levels remained relatively static throughout the year, with a 6% overall decline, with a majority decline happening in desktop usage.

2016 witnessed the boom of mobile stream ripper sites. These figures were drawn from the analysis of traffic from over 23,000 of the largest global piracy websites, comprising of over 191 billion visits to these sites.

Following the trends towards mobile stream ripper sites, mobile ripper piracy overtook desktop devices, increasing by 11%. The US and the UK both possess the largest stream ripping audience.

MUSO’s Global Piracy Market Insights Reports are published for both music, film & TV markets and software and contains specific country-level insight reports, which are firmly established as the industry standard in global piracy audience trends.

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Words by Caroline Corbett-Thompson
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