MUSO pushes boundaries again with anti-piracy technology at SXSW

Anti-piracy company MUSO have announced a revolutionary series of upgrades to its market-leading platform, bringing improved performance and benefit to over 1,000 leading companies in film and music.

Since 2009, MUSO have provided mass-scale pirated file DMCA takedown services and online content protection optimisation services for both major and independent labels, reducing the effects of content infringement and helping guide audiences back towards legal options. The new platform services, launched at SXSW this year, will be the biggest upgrade since the company launched in 2010, and will increase the coverage and scope for labels using the service up to a hundred fold, while also tapping into and mimicking consumer behaviour on search engines, to optimise popular search results towards legal content, on a massive scale.

The new platform now includes remarkable functionality for labels – like the ability to search entire artist catalogues for infringement with just one implementation, with even greater cost-efficiency. MUSO have also rolled out both full and partial automation options for companies using their dashboard, to make their system the fastest and easiest to implement and utilise across the industry.

“We’ve always been one step ahead of the industry, with vastly greater effectiveness against other services, backed by a fast, simple, scalable platform for both the independent and major label sectors”, says Director Christopher Elkins. “For 2014, we know we’ve taken another big step forward in the industry, both in terms of effectiveness, and now in ease of implementation, with almost 100% automation”.

MUSO’s new platform will be available this week, when the company unveil it at a product launch during SXSW, following a six-month beta trial with the music industry.

The company are also in town as guests of UKTI after being picked as one of 20 hottest UK Tech start-ups for 2014 – and will be showcasing their new service, and future product launches, at the UK demo day.

To find out more about MUSO’s suite of piracy solutions, please visit Products.

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