MUSO launch major innovations against piracy at MIPTV

Just months after the launch of its content protection platform for TV rights holders at MIPCOM, MUSO is unveiling a series of innovations to enable rights holders of both film and TV content to protect their content even more effectively against the threat of online piracy.

MUSO’s new technology enables their platform to automatically understand the content being protected, and proactively monitor ahead of time for repeat infringements on illegal sites. This allows rights holders to protect premium episodic or periodic content by removing illegal links and search engine listings to infringing sites, before they have even appeared in the search terms.

The new platform services will be the most significant release since the company launched in 2010, additionally increasing the coverage and scope for rights holders using the service up to a hundred fold, while also tapping into and mimicking consumer behaviour on search engines, to optimise popular search results towards legal content, on a massive scale.

“We have worked closely with the industry in understanding the biggest impact on revenues – and we’ve pioneered some incredible technologies to enable rights holders to go toe-to-toe with illegal operators to claiming back their online space, and drive audiences back to the source channel or original content location online,” says Christopher Elkins, MUSO’s head of film & TV services.

“Additionally, we’re driving down costs even more, with a single implementation on MUSO able to automatically protect an entire TV series”.

MUSO will also be showcasing their updated live stream platform, which is already in use for leading TV and live sports broadcasters like CBS Showtime and Primetime, which now includes the pro-active technology. The company are exhibiting at P-1.A22 in the MIPCUBE – the forum for innovation and audience engagement – in the Palais’ Level 01.

To find out more about MUSO’s suite of piracy solutions, please visit Products.

Press Release
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