MUSO announces partnership with Europa International to protect European film titles from piracy

LONDON ‐ Tuesday November 27th 2012 ‐ Leading anti-piracy company MUSO can today announce a key partnership with new European organisation Europa International, to support film sales agents and international distributors in protecting their film titles from the effects of online piracy.

MUSO will provide Europa International with a special, significantly discounted rate, offer anti-piracy education and training, and also provide a exclusive piracy report twice yearly for each Europa International member, helping them better understand the piracy market for their film titles.

“We’re delighted to be able to announce this partnership”, says MUSO’s Christopher Elkins. “Europa International have shown real determination and leadership in the European film sector, firstly by educating their members about the potentially devastating effects of online piracy, then subsequently providing clear, demonstrable ways to take real-world action in using anti-piracy to create better market conditions ‐ ultimately delivering a better experience for audiences”.
“This partnership may well constitute the first step towards an efficient online anti-piracy policy carried out by world sales Agents, who are, in the flow of revenues, the first victims of illegal film consumption” said François Yon, board member of Europa International and partner of Films Distribution.

About MUSO
MUSO is a market-leading platform providing automated anti-piracy services for over 500 film companies, from major film studios and Nasdaq-listed media companies to small niche sales agents and distributors.
MUSO empowers film companies to both improve efficiency of online sales and cut budget spend in online anti-piracy, SEO and content protection, while creating more value for market and catalogue titles. Established in 2008, and based in London and Los Angeles, MUSO is an end-to-end platform for anti-piracy, sales optimisation and online awareness.

About Europa International
Founded in 2011 during the Berlin Film Festival, Europa International’s members include over 30 leading sales agents and international distributors from across Europe, releasing some of European cinema’s most important film titles in both mainstream and art-house genres.

President: Michael Weber
Board: François Yon, Susan Wendt, Daniela Elstner, Nelleke Driessen, Sasha Wieser and Thorsten Schumacher
Treasurer: Jean-Paul Commin
Managing director: Daphné Kapfer

To find out more about MUSO’s suite of piracy solutions, please visit Products.

Press Release
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