Essential Music & Marketing sign long-term partnership with MUSO anti-piracy to protect their digital content online

MUSO has successfully secured a long-term partnership with Essential Music & Marketing to provide them with a total online piracy solution. This new partnership will assist MUSO achieve its long-term goal of becoming the industry leader whilst providing an all-encompassing online-piracy solution for Essential Music & Marketing.

The arrangement will see Essential utilising MUSO’s online dashboard, acquiring total online protection against piracy on behalf of their partnered labels’. This will also give Essential access to MUSO’s online resources, allowing the company to see which sites are hosting illegal copies of their copyright protected material. Some of the other features included in the MUSO online dashboard are:

  • The dashboard simultaneously scans millions of cyberlocker, P2P, torrents, blogging, message boards, streaming sites, user-generated content sites and general websites covered
  • Ability to remove millions of illegal files
  • Over 50% of cyberlocker links instantly removed
  • All file’s status are monitored telling users which are still live, and which have been taken down
  • The system monitors the web 24/7

MUSO will provide Essential with all of the tools required for them to manage their partnered labels’ piracy online. In addition to this, having complete accessibility to the dashboard will allow Essential to issue takedown requests themselves and manage their ‘SEO’ by removing infringing sites directly from Google

Richard Leach, Digital Distribution Manager at Essential Music & Marketing commented, “Having employed MUSO’s anti-piracy technology for some time, we are delighted to commit to a long-term partnership. Piracy is a constantly moving target, and is critical that Essential can offer its clients a quick and flexible 24/7 solution to help combat infringement. MUSO’s dashboard system will give us that option, now and in the future.”

Essential Music & Marketing are making the security of their labels’ digital content one of their top priorities, adding considerable value to the service they offer for the labels partnered with them.

Andrew Chatterley, Director and Co-Founder of MUSO, speaking about the new partnership says “we are delighted to have Essential Music & Marketing on board with us, and look forward to supporting them with their online-piracy requirements.” He continues to say “digital piracy affects each and every one of us, and we plan to continue to develop and improve our dashboard system to support copyright owners protect their material against piracy, just as we are now doing with Essential Music & Marketing.”

About MUSO:
MUSO is a global anti-piracy company with regional offices in London, UK and Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 2008, MUSO bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and rights empowerment, in over 15 countries worldwide for the music, motion pictures, publishing/e-books and software industries.

MUSO is a total solutions provider for your organisation’s anti-piracy requirements. By empowering your rights online, we endeavor to work 24/7 by monitoring, analysing, detecting and responding to any potential risk involving digital piracy related activity. Our patented dashboard system scans millions of pages across the Internet protecting and defending your content online.

Supported by world-class technical engineers, fronted by a dedicated 24/7 customer support team and affiliated with legal consultants, MUSO has experienced strong growth and expansion into new key markets, to make our suite of services even more accessible and cost-efficient for thousands of small, medium and large companies globally.

About Essential Music & Marketing:
Founded by Mike Chadwick, former MD Vital Distribution and Martin Goldschmidt, owner of Cooking Vinyl Records, Essential Music & Marketing has been redefining the roles of distributor and record label since its inception in 2003

Initially founded to offer marketing and distribution services to select North American independent labels seeking to release across the UK and Europe, Essential has grown into one of the UK’s leading independent distributors.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, Essential has now partnered with a wide range of independent labels, all of whom utilise the company’s range of bespoke services – from manufacturing and digital expertise, through to creative management, marketing, promotion and sales. In 2012, the company delivered 14 UK Top 40 albums.

Essential is a member of the CV Group of companies, which include Cooking Vinyl Records, CV America, Cooking Vinyl Publishing and Cooking Vinyl Property.

To find out more about MUSO’s suite of piracy solutions, please visit Products.

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