MUSO collects data from billions of piracy infringements every day to help entertainment companies and rights owners see a bigger picture. With an unrivalled data platform, digital content database covering 196 countries, millions of measured devices and billions of piracy pages continuously tracked, MUSO empowers entertainment companies and rights holders to win against digital piracy. Clients can easily discover the total extent of piracy using a unique data set and build better intelligence to protect their digital content more effectively, as well as connect with audiences to unlock new revenue streams.

The company was founded in 2009 and headquartered in London to solve the growing market challenges from piracy and unlicensed consumption for anyone wanting to exploit their IP rights online, whether that’s music, film, TV, publishing or software. Since then, the company has experienced explosive growth in the entertainment sector and has since expanded with over 35 staff across offices in London, Paris, LA and Eastern Europe.

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